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LINE Rilakkuma LOOP


The adorable Rilakkuma puzzle game isnow available in English and Chinese!Gameplay is simple: just tap one of themany Stages in themes you know and love!
◇◆◇Newbie Campaign Underway!◇◆Start playing today and youll get 15K Coins!
[How to Play]Rilakkuma Loop has two modes:
1) Stage ModeStrategize how to finish the mini-Missions (like clearing every Ball) in each Stage. The more you finish, the more challenging they become, so enjoy exploring the world of Rilakkuma!
2) Rilakkuma Cup ModeAim for 1st place as you compete with friendsfor the highest score in the Weekly Ranking!Youll get Rewards for ranking in at the top♪
[Gameplay Basics]To finish a Stage, clear every Ball! Lineup and clear 3 or more Balls of the same color by tapping to roll your Marble!
New rules are added with each Stage, making the world of Rilakkuma more fun to explore!
[Rules]・To clear Balls, line up 3 or more of the same color.・Try to clear Balls back-to-back (""Chain"") and get lots of Points!・Clear lots of Balls to MAX your Joy-o-meter! Using Skills gives you an advantage.・Clear enough Balls and a valuable ""Jolly Ball"" will appear!
[Enjoy Collecting Skill Items]・Save up the Coins you earn by playing Stages and collect all of the cutest Skill Items!・If you cant seem to finish a Stage, try using a Skill!・Got Skills? Try completing Skill Missions to get even more Coins!
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